What is Brand Growth?

The Ingredients for Brand Growth is a knowledge base for marketers and insights professionals. Brand Growth consists of annual qualitative interviews with CMOs and CMIs from brands like Domino’s, Takeaway.com, Nestlé, Miele, and Unilever. Quantitative research spanning 6 years among thousands of marketers across Europe. And an annual event showcasing best practices by leading brands and the latest academic learnings presented by marketing professors.

By combining marketing practice and the academic world, Brand Growth provides unique learnings for marketing- and insights professionals looking to grow their brand.


The sixth edition of the Brand Growth Event took place on Tuesday, 31 May 2022. 4 keynote speakers from practice and science shared their vision on brand growth and this year’s theme: the Moment of Truth.

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Missed the event, or want to share the learnings with your colleagues? The presentations by TENZING, MediaMarktSaturn, EDHEC Business School and the results of the European Brand Growth Study are now available to stream.

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Stats from throughout the years

  1900+ attendees

   200+ interviews
CMOs and CMIs

  6 years of research

  6 Events


The Brand Growth Study 2022 among 2,300 marketers and insights professionals across Europe is now available for free download. Get ready for key ingredients for a winning brand strategy through trends overarching 6 years of research.

Learn what sets the winners apart

This year’s study shares how marketers and insights professionals define the Moment of Truth and what the most important KPIs and drivers are for brand growth. But it also looks at the differences and similarities between B2B and B2C, and what sets the ‘winners’ (best-performing companies) apart from the companies that perform less well. With trends overlooking 6 years of research, the Brand Growth Study provides crucial learnings for anyone looking to grow their brand in 2022.

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“One of the best webinars of the year.”

“Practical tips on how to build your brand presented in an easy to understand and professional format.”

“My only regret is that I hadn’t invited more colleagues.”





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