Innovation research

From various scientific studies and our own Brand Growth Interviews we know that innovation is the most important ingredient for growth. More than half of a company’s growth comes from innovation, but also more than half of all innovations fail. The most important reason for the failure of innovations is that we don’t listen to the consumer enough or listen at the wrong time. For that reason, we have developed solutions for innovation research that are integrated in the process of innovation.

Innovation approach

The DVJ “INNOVATION Approach” arose from the need to join this process. For us this means the following:

  • The core is acceptance: Based on a validated method that actually predicts purchasing behaviour in the market, acceptance is precisely measured at every stage.
  • Different additions: The stimulus for research is different in each phase. That means not focusing on one method alone, but on a combination of methods and techniques that fits best during each phase.
  • Testing, but also searching for optimisation: In each phase, a quantitative KPI is used that makes the go-no-go decision possible. In addition, many additional tools to determine whether and how optimisation can be made.
  • Advice that is useful to you: Because of our FUA structure of working, the focus always lies on giving advice and action. We help advertisers and agencies determine where changes are needed.
  • Increasing the chance of success: Through better solutions, more value for money and a return on investment in research. The studies that DVJ uses have very high predictive value for real effect in the market.

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