Does your product add anything to the existing offer? Does the consumer understand how the new product should be used or prepared? Would consumers want to use your product more often? Does the product meet the expectations set in the product concept in a prior stage? These are all important questions when introducing a product to market as they are based on real usage.

DVJ’s in-Home Use Test (iHUT) is a validated way to test your new product among real consumers, before the product is put into production. The unique thing about the iHut is that consumers can use a new product in their own environment, combined with our unique approach for concept testing. An iHUT provides certainty just before product introduction.

Our approach

After we have selected enough consumers with a pre-screener, the new product is sent to the consumer. Dependant on the product, respondents will evaluate the product on different moments of usage. The iHUT is holistic and consists of different implicit and explicit research techniques.

  • We use different techniques and tasks that are carried out at home to understand how people use the product or service and evaluate it.
  • We gather rich qualitative feedback with our projective storytelling technique and free associations which help understand the product experience.
  • We validate the potential of the new product by using the academically validated Acceptor/Rejector model, giving insight in the extent to which consumers accept the new product. This is comparable to different phases of testing innovations.
  • We give consumers the possibility to upload photos or videos to bring the product experience to life. Linked to stories, it provides unique feedback.
  • We offer a worry-free process by taking on the distribution of the products ourselves. We can use our own research community to select consumers.

Our deliverables

In the development and optimisation of new products, consumer feedback is of great importance. This means that an iHUT should be carried out in a fast and efficient way.

  • Reporting focused on evaluating usage and insights used for optimising the product and positioning.
  • Access to our Insights Portal where next to all quantitative data, all stories, photos and free associations can be analysed.
  • The most important results are summarised in a compact PowerPoint presentation where we determine the market potential of the concept and identify possible optimisations using the FUA-method.
  • Our Senior Consultants add value in the presentation in the interpretation and discussion with important internal and external stakeholders.
  • Completion of the study within 10 business days after fieldwork has ended.


Your benefits

  • Testing of a new product in a realistic environment with real consumers.
  • Rich qualitative feedback used to bring the product to life.
  • Quantitative validation to determine whether the product will be successful in its current state and how communication should be deployed.
  • No more worries about the logistic process due to DVJ’s distribution model.
  • Concrete recommendations which help implement optimisations.