Why DVJ Insights?

Working together with DVJ means the best consultancy, the best research and most accurate data-analytics. For us the connection to every discipline within a company is essential to truly get the attention on growth. We do this based on the following principles:

  • Combination of research and consultancy: Not just insight, but tools to increase the efficiency and ROI of marketing efforts.
  • Actionable advice: The reports, presentations and workshops which include the insights from the studies are explanatory and meaningful.
  • The best methods: All methods and techniques are based on the most recent academic publications and knowledge and are extensively validated so they can be explanatory and predictive. What makes DVJ unique is the way these techniques are combined.
  • Cooperation and partnership: Cooperation and processes are designed in an efficient and effective way. From extensive consultancy processes to fast agile solutions.
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Agile Solutions

Because automatisation is offering us more and more possibilities, we have created an agile platform for standard issues where research can be carried out within 24 hours, against low costs. An important aspect is that this research is of high quality. We often see speed and low costs at the expense of quality. Within our easy2survey platform we have put the focus towards quality, wherein we deliver in a fast pace. All offered against low costs.

We help our clients standardise different solutions. We have a specific department which looks towards standardisation and carries it out with the client. Which research questions can be easily standardised? The goal is to do the same, but faster and cheaper. Our consultants will gladly help in setting up and guiding these projects.

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Good research does not stand on its own. The DVJ consultants are trained to become a “trusted advisor” who is needed to translate information to value. Our DVJ approach can be found in:

The process: At the start of each research project it’s important to find out which knowledge is already available in an organisation. We pay a lot of attention to the kick-off phase. With a review of all the existing research and stakeholder interviews.

Training and guidance: Next to guiding projects, consultants can also give trainings, such as: writing concept statements, media optimisation, creating a good briefing, etc.

Reporting: In the reporting we often choose for the interactive workshop based on the FUA-method. DVJ Insights presents the Findings and gives meaning to them (Understanding). With our client we decide on the next Actions. For this we have created an active workshop model; the Footprint Method.

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Not every report is the same or has the same goal. It’s because of this that we have created different types of reporting. Reporting types which fit the current way of working of a lot of our clients:

Interactive Workshops
Report presentations with a clear goal to come to action. Nothing is as annoying as walking out of a presentation without having defined clear actions. Our footprint model helps clients with this.

Insights Portal
DVJ often uses storytelling and free associations. For these techniques we have developed an online tool that makes these stories instantly and easily accessible. Not only in global research can every country see their own nuances, it’s also possible to translate everything with just a push of a button.

Brand Dashboard
What makes this dashboard unique is that not only the results of our study are presented, a link to other sources is easily made. This dashboard also holds a campaign evaluation tool and a media planning tool.

Scorecard Reporting
Within our agile platform we have developed a scorecard reporting tool. The most important results are shown and compared with an interactive benchmark. Not a questionnaire with percentages, but KPI’s that are needed to make decisions.