Conveying your brand in advertising: Show… or tell?

Published on 07 03 2022

When it comes to advertising, a crucial factor in determining whether a creative will have an impact is formed by consumers’ brand linkage. Even when an ad succeeds in conveying a clear, convincing, and appealing message, this ends up being worthless if consumers fail to link it to the advertising brand. As a result, brand recall is a key element within many market research methods used for copy testing. The more consumers that can correctly recall the advertising brand in a copy test, the better the advertisement’s actual in-market brand linkage.

A straightforward way advertisers seek to improve brand recall, is to include (more) brand mentions in their creatives. Even though scientific research has shown that the use of brand mentions can make a substantial difference in what is and isn’t remembered of specific stimuli, most studies on the impact of in-ad brand mentions either could not or did not make such a distinction.

“It will help advertisers determine how often, and in what ways, their brand’s name should appear to drive brand linkage.”

To obtain more insight into this issue, DVJ Insights conducted a study around the impact of brand mentions observed in (TV) commercials on viewers’ ability to correctly recall the brand afterwards. The results will help advertisers in determining how often, and in what ways, their brand’s name should ideally appear in their next commercial to drive brand linkage.

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