Huib van Bockel – Founder TENZING & Former CMO
Red Bull Europe

How do you define your Moment of Truth?

Huib van Bockel is founder of TENZING, and former CMO at Red Bull in Europe. In his presentation, Huib shares how he disrupted the market by founding the TENZING brand, a 100% natural energising drink sold in the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

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Henny Steiniger – MediaMarktSaturn

How to use Moments of Truth & Sustainability as a superpower

Henny Steiniger, Head of Customer Intelligence & Customer Experience at the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, gives a unique look into how Europe’s leading retailer for consumer electronics uses Moments of Truth & Sustainability to realise growth.

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Arne De Keyser – EDHEC Business School

The building blocks of the Moment of Truth

Arne De Keyser, Associate Professor of Marketing at EDHEC Business School in France takes a deep dive into what the Moment of Truth and customer experience really is and presents its 3 key building blocks: Touchpoints, Contexts, and Qualities. The aim of this TCQ framework is to facilitate discussions around CX, as well as to enable organisations to think about CX design and innovation in a more structured fashion.

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Jori van de Spijker

Results European Brand Growth Study

Jori van de Spijker, Global Commercial Director at DVJ Insights and Insights Professional of the Year 2021, presents the results of this year’s Brand Growth Study among 2,000 marketers and insights managers across Europe. What are the most important ingredients for growth according to the market? What is the impact of The Moment of Truth, and what can brands do to ensure a winning brand strategy?

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Lucas Hulsebos

Host of the Brand Growth Event

Lucas Hulsebos, CEO at DVJ Insights, is this year’s host, sharing more about the Brand Growth Platform and the choice for the 2022 theme: The Moment of Truth.

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Brand Growth Trailer 2022

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